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 Era Of Killing Spree Has Only Begun

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PostSubject: Era Of Killing Spree Has Only Begun   Wed Jul 09, 2008 2:03 pm

For those of you who have forgotten.. let me tell you who I am..
Former WWKF Tough Enough Champion
Former WWKF Heavyweight Champion
Former WWKF Tag Team Champion
The Murderer of over 30 Superstars
The most dominant Superstar
A WWKF Oginal

As the scene opens Killer is walking down the hallway then stops as a couple of camera men are watching the footage that they took, as he looks up at the screen he sees the return of Master Of Disaster, he stares at it for awhile then grabs one of the camera mens cameras and throws it on the screen causing a crack in the middle
Camera Man - Hey man what the hell do you think your doing?

Killer - What the hell do you think Im doing??... what the hell do you think your doing?.. entertaining yourselfs by watching such a garbage footage, oh Master Of Disaster has returned!, yay!, screw you!. Master Of Disaster should've never come out of retirement.. do you know why?, you see back when he retired he could've had a chance of being called the Xtreme High Flyer because the last match he had was ending DXLatins parking lot brawl, but now that he has returned and has put himself in a match against me the fans will see that he is nothing much but a fluke winning, mistake making, washed up, peice of trash!.

Killer than shoves one of the camera men out of his way and begins to walk away into the far distance, he heads into his locker room and sits on a chair, he begins to think for awhile, and he looks up at a camera on his wall, he cocks in a smile.

Killer - Well..Next week I team up with Kennedy.. now as you all know me and Kennedy arn't that close as we use to be, he asked me to accompany him in his match and I refused, simply because I am not somebodys kickstand, I am one of WWKF's best superstars and I am not gonna be known as the man who cheats his ways out of victories, and I know all of you think thats who I am.. but you see it doesn't matter what you think about me, because for all of you that are happy about Master Of Disasters return and that are fans of Master Of Disaster, come this saturday I am gonna be you worst nightmare, because I will bring him out of retirement... and for those of you who hate master of disaster Im gonna be your hero weather you like it or not!

Master Of Disaster is nothing but a pathetic little worm, sure he dominated the mid card division, sure he held the Tag titles for a month, and sure he ended a legends winning streak but look at it like this, anybody could've eneded DXLatins streak at that point of his career, even Princess Paul, lets all face it.. DXLatin is a Legend and a Hall Of Famer, but just like any WWKF Hall Of Famer that would come back to the WWKF, they would suck, because maybe they were great before and legendary before but right now people like him should be managing the great superstars or being on low cards or just comming back now and then to visit, or being interviewers like Bad Blood!, because DXLatin, you are past your prime, and you cannot wrestle anymore!, but unlike me wrestleing is in my blood, I grew up with it, and I am born to wrestle, you can call me WWKF's Prime!..

Master Of Disaster face it that was a fluke win, and about the mid card division, you shouldn't be happy about dominating those losers, mid carders are people like BBK, Jericho, Sgt.Law, those people cant keep the crowd from sleeping even if a Main Event title depended on it!.. and your tag team title for one month thing.. buddy I held the Tag Team Championship for 3 months, face at Master Of Disaster, Kennedy isn't the competition in this match I am!, and wheater its you Master Of Diaster.. you DXLatin or you Kennedy, partner or not, enemy or friend, I will Main Event at Regain and defeat any one of you to become Main Event Champion.. and I will become Main Event Champion for a VERY.. LONG... Time, because the era of the Killing Spree has only just begun!

A WWKF orginal
A Domiant Superstar
A Murder to over 30 Superstars
Former WWKF Tag Team Championship
Former WWKF Heavyweight Championship
Former Tough Enough Championship

Scene Fades
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PostSubject: Re: Era Of Killing Spree Has Only Begun   Wed Jul 09, 2008 4:08 pm

Orale ese, since when could u rp?
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Master of Disaster


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PostSubject: Re: Era Of Killing Spree Has Only Begun   Wed Jul 09, 2008 4:09 pm

He never could rp,
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PostSubject: Re: Era Of Killing Spree Has Only Begun   

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Era Of Killing Spree Has Only Begun
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