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 No Challenge

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PostSubject: No Challenge   Thu Jul 10, 2008 2:04 pm

**********SCENE OPENS*********

Screen shows a recap of last week's match between BBK and Jericho.
Mike - What's with BBK? He's just standing there and smiling! Why the hell is he smiling?!?

Jericho has a chair in his hand, the BBK hits him with hos "Dirty Music". Fans cheer and BBK gets the chair. The ref ses BBK with a chair and Jericho down.

Ref - Did you hit him with the chair?!

BBK - NO!! I was putting it away!!!

Ref - DQ!! BBK IS DQ!!

BBK - WHAT!? ...omfg.

BBK is aruging with the ref as the fans boo at the ref.

Video ends. Scene opens at Mike.

Mike - Yes that was really bad reffing. I gotta say, that ref might of been with Jericho on that one. Now next week, we got another great match-up at the beginning of the show!! It is BBK taking on Muscle Jenkins, and it's for a #1 Contender stop at the WWKF Tough Enough Championship! Winner of that match takes on the winner of the next match which I will say later as it seems BBK is coming out.

Announcer - And from Toronto, Canada he is 235 pounds, Body, Breaking, KID!!!

BBK's theme Top Down hits the stage as fans begin to cheer and raise their signs. One sign says "Last Week was Rigged!!" BBK walks down the ramp furiuslly and angry.

Jim - He is still affected from the results from last week as he enters the ring with force.

BBK walks towards the announcer and takes the microphone from him.

BBK - Well here we are. A full week without a problem, no wait, there is a problem, a reffing problem. As you have seen earlier, he has no proof that he saw me hit Jericho with the chair. He just saw me with a chair and Jericho down. He could of thought of friggin other things i could've done to Jericho without using a chair but with it in my hand. Refs in WWKF should be like in other sporting events. Checking the replays of what really happened. I deserve a chance at the title I should've kept.

Fans cheer along as BBK us waiting for the fans to quiet down. Jim grabs a mic and speaks out to BBK.

Jim - I'm not saying this cause I hate you, I love you BBK but here is something you should of been thinking. Why pick up the damn chair? You know the problems you are going to go through when you pick up the chair. So why bother pick up the chair? Huh BBK?

Mike - Sit your a** down your gonig for a beating if you won't stop.An you said you loved the man and your aruging with him? What kind of man are you?

BBK - K Jim, shut the fu** up. Your not the one asking the questions of what happened. You are not the one who tells me what to do. I hear you along ringside the match "BBK remove the turnbuckle!! Low-blow him!! Pick up the chair!!" Bit** sit your ass down before you have no ass.

Fans cheer and laugh.

BBK - Now, I got nothing else to mention but the fact that Muscle Jenkins is nothing but a low-class wrestler. Let's see him take on a WWKF World Champion...well former. This guy is brand new to WKF, i guess, but he can't mess with me. I been through a lot if really tough challenges in the past and came through. If thsi guy thinks that he's a challange, he hasn't seen me, Body Breaking KID!!!

Fans begin the cheer as Top Down hits the stage and BBK leaves the arena.

Mike - I still don't know how this match is going to be like.

*********SCENE FADES*********
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Max Death


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PostSubject: Re: No Challenge   Thu Jul 10, 2008 8:33 pm

Why u add the results to ur rp
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Master of Disaster


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PostSubject: Re: No Challenge   Sat Jul 12, 2008 5:14 pm

Thats how the chump rp's, he always does that and always will
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PostSubject: Re: No Challenge   Sat Jul 12, 2008 6:22 pm

Cause i got nothing to rp about anymore
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PostSubject: Re: No Challenge   Sat Jul 12, 2008 7:03 pm

That makes no sense, everyone has somthing to rp about, you get put in a danm match, and you rp about the match, you rp about the opponent, and you rp about what you think the outcome will be.
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PostSubject: Re: No Challenge   

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No Challenge
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