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WWKF is an E Fed based on brutaility, it is a caw e fed and we have good gfx, great amount of members, good results..and we are known for our amazing storylines so signup now!
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 Your Funny Killer.

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PostSubject: Your Funny Killer.   Thu Jul 10, 2008 2:38 pm

The Scene Opens as it opens to a WWKF Houseshow, the
crowd is pumped up for some WWKF action and the
annoucer gets into the middle of the ring to
announce a superstar into the ring.

Announcer - Ladies and Gentlemen, making his way down to the ring, this man is now re-known as Da Meaning Of Thuganomics, DXLaaatin!

The Crowd begins to cheer loudley and go on their feet as they
hold up signs and green glowsticks to form an "X", DXLatin
walks out from the curtain and has a new attire, his hat
backwards, long jersey, jean shorts, jordans and
hes holding his trademarc steel bat, he slides
into the ring and grabs a mic, and smiles

= So.. this saturday I got a match, its gonna be an all out bash, harder than havin a rash, this saturday I get my cash, cuz Killers like Kevin Nash, over rated and out dated, its officially stated, you hate it, so grab your mate, Mr.Tough Enough, he think he so tough?, we'll go rough, this the new era, Killer go grab your mascara, while I sleep with a girl named Sarah and your wife Kara.

The crowd begins to cheer but alot of them begin to
boo due to the fact that DXLatin is a heel
DXLatin smirks and clears his voice.

= Y'all can go ahead and boo me, hell even sue me, I dont care, Im strong like a bear and as hard as a chair, my match will be like a walk in the fair, I ain't gonna share my win, Im gonna go to Regain and give my opponent some pain!, you think Im insane?, your on the wrong lane, messin with me?, your insane!. I got a partner who claims to be a master, but when he see me, he gonna run faster then casper, Im gonna be champ, and walk up that ramp. I dont care bout you mr.disaster, sure he my partner buthe cant cure me, he cant lure me outta trouble, he cost me my win, for that hes soft, and as for Killer, Ill be the Thriller, screw the killing spree, Im gonna go 5150 on your ass its like nascar to the max, fax what Im sayin to your ass and be fartin out lyrics to the max! Y'all always look down on me, like Im not gonna get a win for me, next time you look down on me, your gonna hear your face sound, cuz its the ground and pound, this match.. is gonna be 1 round knockdown!

The Crowd Boos loudley as DXLatin grabs his crotch
he then sticks the finger to the crowd
and clears his voice.

= Is this what I gotta do to be In my prime?, just rhyme?, well then everyone get in line, Ill kick your ass like its not a crime, y'all fight like nine your olds, but I make this ring cold, I get the arena sold, Im just so bold, and Im on a roll!

Crowd Boos even louder and DXLatin
begins to luagh, he then
shakes his head.

= See... I could rap, I could talk smack, and you all could just.. suck on my sack Very Happy, hahaha, but you see this saturday in all siriousness, is gonna be a life learning lesson for Kennedy and Killer, they will learn not to mess with me, with my dreams and with my prime!.. Killer you say Im past my prime?, the last time you won a title, Was in early 2007, and nobody challenged you for it, Team Xtreme was gonna but Rocked X betrayed M.O.D and that never happened. So If I were you I would shut my mouth, this saturday Im gonna leave you a bloodied mess!, Im gonna eleminate 2 men, and the other man, will be left for Regain against me, and I dont care if its Master Of Disaster, Killer, or Kennedy you all have nothing on me, blaintly I think Mistress Of Dicks should just go back and retire while he can because this saturday Killer wont be ending his career but I will be putting him back to retirement, I will cripple his ass!, because M.O.D yes we are partners, but If you try to screw me in this match, I am gonna hurt you, I am gonna hurt you so bad, you will be tasting my bare knuckles for a whole friggen month.

And Y'all dont say Im past my prime, because ever since the WWKF Shutdown I have been in differn't promotions, Global Championship Wrestling, United Wrestling Alliance, Joe Wrestling Federation and World Wrestling Entertainment. I havent stopt wrestling!, unlike you Killer, you kennedy,and expecially you M.O.D, I dont have to be worried this saturday because Im gonna come in that ring and do what I always do, Dominate the whooole fucking show!

Crowd Boos as DXLatins theme song hits the stage
and he drops the mic and does the crotch chops
he then slides into the ring and tuants the
crowd as the scene slowly
fades to black.
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Your Funny Killer.
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