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WWKF is an E Fed based on brutaility, it is a caw e fed and we have good gfx, great amount of members, good results..and we are known for our amazing storylines so signup now!
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 Alyssa To Slim Survivals Again

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PostSubject: Alyssa To Slim Survivals Again   Wed Jul 16, 2008 11:36 am

There have been recent rumours around Wrestling Sites that Alyssa Ruins
will be again at the next Slim Survivals for an Announcement concerning the Betraying Superstar and Rattlesnake, and apperntly to also warn the whole WWKF Roster. Rumours are all saying she will be the special guest on Bad Bloods Corner. Tune into Slim Survivals to find out.


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Alyssa To Slim Survivals Again
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