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WWKF is an E Fed based on brutaility, it is a caw e fed and we have good gfx, great amount of members, good results..and we are known for our amazing storylines so signup now!
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 Cheater Cheater... CHEATER!

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PostSubject: Cheater Cheater... CHEATER!   Wed Jul 16, 2008 1:18 pm

- Scene Opens

- Announcer - Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the #1 Contender to the Tough Enough Championship "Y2J" Chris Jerichoooooooo!

- The Scene is an a WWKF Tour in Mexico City as the crowd cheers holding up signs and flags of Mesico, Chris Jericho walks down the ramp in a black vest and blue jeans, he slides into the ring with a microphone and smiles at the fans.

Jericho - Hola Hola... Como Estas Todos?.. alright enough of this stupid language.. you fans dont deserve to be talked to in oyour own language so I dont give a danm if you guys understand me and I dont give a danm if you guys want to listen to me, because Im not here for the WWKF Tour, Im not here for you dirty fans and Im not here to wrestle, Im here to make a point, that BBK is weak, he disgusts me in many ways!. He knows he cant beat me and thats why at Slim Survivals that little weakling came out there, noticed he was losing and tried to cheat his way to the #1 Contendership, he hit my ass with the chair, he hit me with the danm chair and luckily the refferee noticed that he hit me with the chair! He knew he couldnt beat me so he had to use the danm steel chair!.

Mike - I remeber Jericho getting hit with Dirty Music not the Chair

Jim - Thats because Jericho never got hit with the chair Einstein!.

Jericho - You see but for some reason BBK is running his little mouth saying he got screwed, BBK, I did not screw you, the Reff did not screw you, screwed yourself you little Dickwad!

Crowd Boos but some luagh and cheer but most of the fans Boo.

Jericho - I am a one man gang, I am one wrestler that stands tall, and at Regain I am gonna be Tough Enough Champion, so BBK run your mouth all you want, but congrats because for running mouth some reason Rattlesnake felt sorry for you and put you up against Muscle Jenkins and if you beat him you face me at Regain for the Tough Enough Championship, and for some reason Rattlesnakes pissed off at me and put me against Prince Harming, and if Prince Harming beats me, his little ass becomes #1 Contender. Well I got news for Prince Harming, you were probobly good in OVW, and all your other promotions but here in the WWKF, the only thing your gonna be known as is Killers little bitch, you assclown curtain jacker!.

Crowd Boos loudley

Jericho - So Princess, you can bring out your little Killing Spree, just make sure they dont get trapped and locked in the Walls Of Jerichooo!, cuz my friend it cannot be the Era of the Killing Spree because WWKF IS JERICHO!!

Crowd Boos as the scene fades.
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Cheater Cheater... CHEATER!
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