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 Movie Rules

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PostSubject: Movie Rules   Mon Apr 21, 2008 1:45 pm

The rules for this forum is simple. Post Movies and their links, along with a Movie poster. The Movie must be from this year.

- This forum (Movie Zone) is only for members, which means if your not logged in you will not be able to see this forum or watch a movie because this is only for members and not for guests.

- Plz post the corrected links to the movies and make sure its the auctual movie poster.

- If any member finds that the movie link does not work, post a reply stating so. Once this happens the member who posted the movie has 1 day to fix the links, if this doesn't happen the movie will be deleted.

- **This isn't a rule** - Plz rate the movie, 1 is bad, 10 is perfect, as it is a rating from 1-10.


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Movie Rules
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