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WWKF is an E Fed based on brutaility, it is a caw e fed and we have good gfx, great amount of members, good results..and we are known for our amazing storylines so signup now!
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 Wrestling Matches Pack

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PostSubject: Wrestling Matches Pack   Mon Apr 21, 2008 4:58 pm

Shane McMahon vs Kurt Angle KOTR

Hardyz vs Dudelys vs Christian and Edge TLC WM

Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio 97 Halloween Havoc (Wish I could find this is better quality)

RVD VS Jerry Lynn 99 Living Dangerously

Kurt angle v Shelton Benjamin

Somoa Joe v Kurt angle 30 min iron man match

Somoa Joe vs Aj Styles vs Chris Daniels
Part 2

Cm Punk vs Somoa Joe (international showdown)

Funny Triple H & Goldust Segment
(i had to post this its so funny)

Kurt angle vs Chris Benoit (cage match)

Doug Williams vs Eddie Guerrero (fwa)

10 Man Ultimate X Part 2 (victory road 07)

Daniels vs. Joe vs. AJ Styles Ultimate X

Mr.Perfect vs. Tito Santana IC Title

Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat Part 2 (wrestlewar 89) NWA tital

The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels Part 2 HELL IN A CELL

Jushin "thunder" liger vs flyin Brian (brian pillman) Superbrawl 2

Shawn Michales vs JJ Jeff Jarret Part 2 (intercontinental tital)

Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit Super J Cup 95

Great Sasuke, Gran Hamada, and Gran Naniwa vs. Terry Boy, **** Togo, and Taka Michinoku Barely legal 96

Owen heart vs Bret Heart Part 2 Part 3 (wrestlemania 5)

Cactus Jack vs Terry Funk exploding barbedwire deathmatch

Undertaker vs Mankind Part 2 hell in a cell

HBK vs bret heart Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Ironman Match

Shawn michaels vs Razor Ramone Part 2 (ladder match) ic tital

Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramone Part 2 Part 3 (wrestlemania 5 ladder match)

Charly Haas vs AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe vs Chris Daniels (1pw)

AJ Styles Vs Samoa Joe

Rey Mysterio Vs Kurt Angle Summerslam 2002

Rey Mysterio vs. Dean Malenko Halloween Havok

XXX (daniels + skipper) vs AMW 6 sides of steel

Ultimo Dragon vs Dean Malenko wcw starcade(?)

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Juventud Guerrera vs Psicosis vs Blitzkrieg wcw nitro

eddie guerrero vs edge 2002 (smackdown)

Undertaker vs HHH Wrestlemania 17

undertaker vs jeff hardy ladder match (Raw) undisputed tital match

Edge VS Chris Benoit Smackdown

Chris Benoit & Kurt Angle vs Los Guerreros Smackdown

WWE Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero Ladder match (summerslam?)

Team Angle Vs Eddie Guerrero & Tajiri

Chris Benoit vs Dean Malenko WCW Hog Wild 1996.

Chris Benoit vs Rob Van Dam SummerSlam 2002


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Wrestling Matches Pack
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