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 The Return of Another Era

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PostSubject: The Return of Another Era   Wed Apr 23, 2008 2:26 pm

********SCENE OPENS*********

Jim- Well here we are, 2 months back, Alyssa Ruins was in charge for WWKF since Rattlesnake was on vacation. She "ruined" WWKF but this is what Rattlesnake says,

"There might be idiots trying to stop WWKF once again. Jericho, Alyssa Ruins and all other peopel who tried and sometimes did work to take us out. But nothing can stop WWKF from being taken down."

Well what a Saturday we got!! XXX Superstars are here, new divas, and some fimiliar faces. Like DXLatin, Jericho, BBK and Killer are back, to show which wrestling company is better!!! Well here comes a man, a man who has a dream, to once again, be champion, to be on top of it all, to stop underestimaters, and to prove, that WWKF does have the best superstars there ever was that wrestling has to offer!!! This man is BBK.

Stronger begins to play, and BBK's enterance video begins to go on. Fans on their feet and some not caring. Soem cheers, some boos. BBK coems out of the curtain up in the stage. He begins to walk down towards the ring. He walks by a sign that says "BBK4Champ". BBK enters the ring. Video stops, song stops, everyone becomes silent.

BBK- Well, well. Another era of WWKF. Another year of Kings. Another year where, we get "ruined". Another year for champions. Another year.....for peopel dying. Just like what KODX went through, what, 3 months ago. Another year where.......BBK BECOMES CHAMPION AGAIN!! Once again, I will become a true WWKF Legend. I'm gonna prove that BBK is once of the best, I'm gonna prove that everyone has a dream, a dream to be #1. DXLatin done it multiple times!! All of you watching tonight, you all have dreams.

BBK goes out of the r ing and talks to a person close by.

BBK- What are you dreams sir?

Fan- My dream is to become a WWKF Superstar like you. To be like DXLatin. Be a champion.

BBK- Well there is one person. Now, to what I came out here for, who the hell am I facing?!? A guy named Sargent Law?!? Mr. Law? People like you don;t deserve to be in a company like this. And thsi a No DQ match? Hell, I don't need freaking chairs to kill ya. I can use my bare hands, my bare body. When we get in that ring, I'm not gonna be a chicken and get outta the ring and grabs something. Like what you do "Sargent". You can't mess with a man who won the WWKF World Heavyweight Champion, who won a Battle Royal when I was #6!! Now, where are you from? XXX? Heh, what the hell is that?!? I battled DXLatin for crying out loud. You don't know how that feels!! I was in a 20 man Battle Royal, I won when I came in early. You were probably First Match dudes. Now we all know you pray to win your matches. You need (points up) help to win matches. When you get into this ring, its gonna be hell all over you. Sargent, you might be watching me now and saying "This dude is f***ing crazy. He did not accomplish anything in his carrer. Hey, did you hear what I just said?!? I'd like to see you, be #1, and win a Battle Royal. Then next week, win the World Heavyweight Championship from KODX if he does come back. I wanna see YOU!!!!.....TO ACCOMPLISH WHAT I DID!!! Don't underestimate me here buddy. Just think for a second, all of you think for a second, I might be crazy out here tonight but hey, WWKF is back. I want all of you to think about what I said, about what is going to happen in this match. Now, to finish this, long speech off, Sargent Law, don't start setting laws against me because, I'll start puttin stiches onto you.

Jake- Looks like he really means it. I mean, look at what happened to him. Back in January of 2007, he got 'booed' out of WWKF, and he started PWF. Then, Rattlesnake sent him ain invitation to come back to WWKF, which he accepted. That Saturday, we has #6 or #5 at the Battle Royal. He won it. The following week, I think he won the WWKF World Heavyweight Championship from KingOfDX. The he lost the title then came back to win the WWKF Tough Enough Championship from Kennedy, I think so this BBK should get alot of credict for what he has done for this company. I think he deserves another title shot.

BBK drops the mic and begins to leave the stage. By the time he's backstage, he comes through an interviwer. Then he had flashbacks.

(BBK- Wow your so stupid!! What kind of question is that?!?)

Interviewer- BBK, remember me? Anyway, how is it like to be back in WWKF?

BBK- It feels good. It feels so good because I can be one of the be...didn't you hear me out there?!?! Wow your so stupid!!

Interviewer- Ok, now, how do you fee....

BBK- Just shut the f**k ALREADY!!

BBK grabs the interviewer and throws him into a table filled with food on it. The Interviewer lands on the table and breaks his back. BBK walks away from the scene and goes back to his locker room.

Interview- What an** where's the f**king phone?!? Someone!! F**KING HELP ME!!

*********SCENE ENDS*********
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The Return of Another Era
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