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 Whats a Legendary Company without its Legendary Superstar?

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PostSubject: Whats a Legendary Company without its Legendary Superstar?   Wed Apr 23, 2008 3:08 pm

----Chapter 1 : The Legend Is Back----
"Whatsup" Hits the Crowded WWKF Houseshow as WWKF is preparing houseshows to promote its return, but as the fans here that theme song, they begin to cheer, they go on their feet and try to see if its who they think it is. DXLatin comes out of the curtains yelling as the crowd cheer loudley he also has his trademarc steel bat on his left hand as the crowd is cheering, Latin walks down the ramp and into the ring, the reff hands him the mic, Latin trys to get the fans to calm down, and as they do he clears his voice.

Ladies and Gentlemen the impossible has happened. I am back, WWKF is back, and hell we're gonna be back for a very long time!

Crowd Cheers loudley as Latin has a smile on his face, but that smile then turns into pure siriousness.

You see, last time I was in the WWKF...well, it wasn't all that good..I lost my WWKF Main Event title..I lost my WWKF Parking Lot Brawl Streak and I lost my smile. Ever since that happened I was forced to retire wrestling forever, I started to think it was just those things that happen to wrestlers, you know where they "lose all their skill", maybe because they dont have the passion any more, or maybe because they just got to old, but you see, then I thought to myself just 2 months ago...I thought to myself.... "Im DXLatin"

Crowd Cheers loudley

A TEWF, JWF and XXX Orginal, WWKF Legend, TEWF Hall Of Famer, The Red Warrior, the Wife Stealing, Hall Of Faming, Thuganomic, Restricted.. Superstar... And Ill be damned if somone were to come to me, and have the balls to say to me Im not that man anymore, to say I dont have the skills anymore, because I know Im a Champion, Im a 28 time Champion, I have won it all, seen it all, and done it all, to disrespecting the fans, to flirting with the divas, to winning the gold, and to sleeping with secretarys, Im DXtreme, and in that ring I become "The Winner", thats how it always was and thats how its always gonna be.

Crowd Cheers

WWKF Officaly returns this Saturday Night.. and you see XXX Superstars are gonna be here, if I was the old DXLatin, I would say somthing ignorant as : XXX Superstars shouldn't be here because WWKF kicked their asses back in 2001, but hey, Im not that same man, I welcome everyone to the WWKF's Return, you know, and win or lose its gonna be a great night, after the show I wish to open a few beers with the roster back in the hotel, but lets think about the show now and not after the show... I will be the Main Event, as the WWKF Main Event Championship will be on the line... my opponent "The Predetor" and heh, his new nickname "The God Of Career Ending"... Killer.

Crowd Boos

Killer. I have only this to say to you. I have beaten you before, and various amounts of times, and I will do it again, because not only will I beat you again but I will be champion again, because Killer my friend, nobody is more Xtreme then DXLatin, nobody has as much heart as DXLatin and nobody,nobody beats me fair and square, because Killer, we're main eventing, lets blow the roof off the place, lets give the crowd what their money is worth, cuz Killer I hate you, but that doesn't mean I dont respect you. I respect you as a wrestler, and in this match I will treat you like all other wrestlers, it'll just be a case of "Whos The Better Man" hahaha...oh and Killer, drop your new nickname, as far as I know Im the God Of Thuganomics, and on Saturday you'll just have to find out why!

Crowd Cheers as DXLatin exits the ring and raises his hands in the air, before he leaves he slaps the fans highfives and signs a couple of autographs.

§cene Fades

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PostSubject: Re: Whats a Legendary Company without its Legendary Superstar?   Thu Apr 24, 2008 6:34 pm

You have way too much time on your hands.. Mad ... now I gotta make a longer/better quality rp than yours Mad
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Whats a Legendary Company without its Legendary Superstar?
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