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 Liar Liar.. How do you run with your pants on fire?

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PostSubject: Liar Liar.. How do you run with your pants on fire?   Fri Apr 25, 2008 5:54 pm

Scene Opens as the crowd cheers because as the scene opens you could hear the police sirens from Sgt.Law's titantron. Some people still boo but the majority cheers until he gets to the ring and begins to speak.

- BBK, we are set to go one on one on slim survivals!, I thought I would have no problem facing you, no problem at all, I thought you were a decent human being when I saw you, but after I looked you up... I feel that you are nothing but a low life criminal on the D-Low if you know what I mean!

Crowd Boos as Sgt.Law flexes his muscles.

- You see man, you are so full of yourself, claiming to be the best because you faced DXLatin?, what in the hell does that give you the right to claim to be the best... lets see, in my research you lost to him four times in a lost, so why do you say that being faced DXLatin you are the best?... you never beat him. You are just an imposter and a liar tricking the fans and in my book thats a felony right there on the code of conduct, so BBK put your hands up, turn around and fall off a building because when SLim Survivals is done the last thing you will hear is Police Sirens... well you'll be heasring 2 sets of police sirens, the police sirens from my theme as Im walking out being vitorius defeating you... and the police sirens you will hear to drive you to the hospital!

Crowd Boos loudley as he again flexes his muscles.

- You say I dont deserve to be in a company like this?, buddy, you dont deserve to be in a company like this, you were a professional wrestler back in 2005, "professional" as in a staged wrestler, like the WWE and TNA, all your matches were fake and setup, you ran like 2 companies?, BWF and PWE...oh thats right they are now property of WWKF...haha poor "Body Breaking Girl" losing everything, losing to DXLatin, losin the Saturday Night Wars, losing his 2 jobs, and losing his titles. Man its pretty funny when you think about it, I see this match being 5 seconds, the 2 seconds for me to just knock you down with a huge punch..oh yeah I could yuse my bare hands to Mr.Smartso, and the other 3 seconds to pin you.

Crowd Boos bt hes not done talking

- You say I cant mess with you because of the titles you won... hmm if you did win titles it was probobly because WWKF felt sorry for you and handed it to you or you were just lucky, then you say I cant mess with you cuz you won a battle royal...and came in #6... oh crap Im scared he came in at #6!, dear god save us all....ah yes...nevermind...false alarm...the battel royal was out of 10 people...and you came in 6...whoop tie do!, thats amazing Body Breaking Girl, Im truly inspired!...heh your defenetly not gonna beat me Mr.Liar Liar how do you run with your pants on fire?, cuz you see here I have a tape recording with me, with you ebing a liar, and you cannot deny this because this was recorded straight out of your promo

Fans stay quiet to listen as SGT.LAW places it near the mic.

TAPE RECORDING : You can't mess with a man who won the WWKF World Heavyweight Champion, who won a Battle Royal when I was #6!! -- I'd like to see you, be #1, and win a Battle Royal.

- You see you are such a liar, you first say you entered the battle royal at #6...then you say that you'd like to see me eneter the battle royal #1 and win, stating that you entered at #1...but if thats so how come you said that you entered at #6...pssssh, can somone get this kid to the TNA or WWE?, hes so use to memorizing lines from scripts that he messes up live and doesn't know what to say like some little girl alone in a spelling bee.

Crowd Luaghs but some boo

You see BBK, first your lying about your accomplishments, your lying about me, when you say I grab stuff from under the ring when you never have seen me wrestle, and then you lie and say your gonna win, that is a lie because Im gonna win, Im gonna walk out and do what I love to do, kick your ass...make you cry, and get you behind bars, oh no, not jail, I mean my finisher, "Behind Bars", and just like WWKF's slogan... Its real...Its damn real... and BBK in our match, if you cannot handle the REAL hurting that im gonna put on you, you can go back to whever the hell you came from, because I know your use to the plastic chairs, the mats made of cushions, and people ordering you around like the dog you are, so BBK tommorow night better be enough time for you to be prepared, because if your not prepared, ohhh boy, your in for an Xtreme Xtreme Xtreme.... Hurting

Scene Fades as Sgt.Laws theme hist the stage.
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Liar Liar.. How do you run with your pants on fire?
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