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WWKF is an E Fed based on brutaility, it is a caw e fed and we have good gfx, great amount of members, good results..and we are known for our amazing storylines so signup now!
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 Hes Back.?

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PostSubject: Hes Back.?   Mon Jun 23, 2008 3:46 pm

WWKF Has been in talks with former WWKF Superstars about the Return of the World Wrestling Kings Federation, and so far nobody has answered their calls, nobody accept the self proclaimed "V.I.P Of The Thrown" Lance Kent. Yes thats right, Mr.3LK has returned a call from Rattlesnake but this is only a rumour.. who knows, is Lance Kent really returning?, or is it another lame rumour running around. Keep checking back for updates.


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Hes Back.?
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