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WWKF is an E Fed based on brutaility, it is a caw e fed and we have good gfx, great amount of members, good results..and we are known for our amazing storylines so signup now!
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 Tuesday June 4th - Return Of The WWKF - Press Confrence

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PostSubject: Tuesday June 4th - Return Of The WWKF - Press Confrence   Tue Jun 24, 2008 6:03 pm

The scene is in view of a room full of people, there is flashing lights everywhere from peoples cameras, some people are standing and some people are sitting, at the front of the room there is a long table with seats behind them, and at the very middle is a alter where WWKF Owner Rattlesnake is standing tall with a smile on his face.

Rattlesnake - Alright Folks we are about to begin the Press Confrence for the Return Of The WWKF. I would first like to say, I am glad to see the loyal fans, fans that have been waiting for the WWKF to come back, fans that are ready for the era of the kings to return and fans that are ready to watch real, live, smash mouth wrestling at its best again. Now we can begin. I would just like to say my few words then we can hear from a superstar.. , I pulled many strings to get the WWKF up and running again. I am proud to say that WWKF will return in approximatley a week, and when that happens, it will be bigger, it will be better, and it will out-do the wrestling world for the 4th time.

Crowd Begins to cheer WWKF, as everyone looks excited.

Rattlesnake - Now lets get a WWKF Superstar here, this superstar..

TBC by anyone


WWKF Owner

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PostSubject: Re: Tuesday June 4th - Return Of The WWKF - Press Confrence   Tue Jun 24, 2008 6:19 pm

Rattlesnake - This Superstar is the longest reigning World Champion in all wrestling history, he has held more than 15 world titles, and he is apart of the World Wrestling Kings Federation Hall Of Fame Class Of 2007!... Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome DXtreme Latin!.

-- Crowd Cheers --

DXLatin makes his way out of the side curtain as the crowd goes on their feet for DXLatin. Latin shakes Rattlesnakes hand as Snake takes a seat and Latin approaches the alter. He picks the mic up and looks at each corner of the room smiling at all the fans.

Boys and Girls, Fans and Haters, Ladies and Gentlemen, You are withnessing the first step, the first step of the return of the WWKF. Now I know theres been alot of rumours lately, those rumours being that I would not come back to the WWKF because of the other wrestling companies I have been associating with, But I said it before and Ill say it here infront of all you people, those rumours can kiss my ass, the computer geeks that wrote them can kiss my ass, and the companies I have been associating with can also kiss my ass.

--Crowd Cheers Latin--

Ever since the WWKF shutdown for the 3rd time, I have been in a whole lot of wrestling companies, GCW, UWW, UWA, and the JWF. I have won matches and I have lost matches, but you see I think aside from a few superstars here in the WWKF, I am the only guy that has been wrestling ever since it shutdown, the rest here havent. With that being said, its ovious that those people have gotten worst over the months and people like me who have still been wrestling have gotten better over the months, its common sense. Now I ain't gonna be here talking about who got better, who got worse, whos gonna face who, or anything like that, We're all here to talk about the return of the WWKF.

-- News Reporter Raises His Hand And Latin Points At Him --

News Reporter
DXLatin. Last time you were seen in the WWKF you lost to Master Of Disaster in a Parking Lot Brawl, you are now 29 wins and 1 loss in that match how does that make you feel, and upon returning to the WWKF what are you gonna do?

You know its weird, I've been getting that question and that comment from alot of people that see me, fans and wrestlers. It was a close match and maybe one of the best matches in my career, you had the legendary superstar going one on one with the underdog, and as close as that match was, I lost, and as far as me doing somthing about it, Its not on my schedule, that match was nearly 6 months ago. Master Of Disaster is retired from the WWKF, but if he plans on comming back, sure we could get the whole rematch started but this is all about the Return of the WWKF, new superstars, new matches, new divas, and new fans. Anything is possible right now, and Im still here to prove thatafter all thease years with the WWKF, I am still the best the thrown has got to over.

-- Crowd Cheers --

DXLatin says thank you to the fans as he sits down and Rattlesnake comes up to the alter introducing the next superstar.

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PostSubject: Re: Tuesday June 4th - Return Of The WWKF - Press Confrence   Tue Jun 24, 2008 6:28 pm

Rattlesnake - This Diva is a XXX Legendary Diva. She was with the XXX Federation until the WWKF bought it, after that she was associated with us for about a year, but now returning to the WWKF, Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome.. Cindy Banks!

Cindys music begins to play as the crowd clap, some people that recognize her begin to cheer. Cindy shakes DXLatin hand followed by Rattlesnake as she heads up to the alter.

Cindy Banks - Heeeey, Hows everyone doing??

Crowd Cheers

Cindy Banks - You know, I was asked here to come up here, get to know some of the fans and talk about the return of the WWKF, but I have only been with the WWKF for about a year and that was about 3 years ago, so I really dont know what to say but what I do know is that, when the WWKF Returns it will be beter than ever, and I think that because you fans deserve the best, And altough I am recognized for my ""bad signing"" is what you fans call it, comming into the WWKF its gonna be less signing more winning.

Crowd Cheers as Cindy takes a seat and Rattlesnake introduces the next person.
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Lance Kent


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PostSubject: Re: Tuesday June 4th - Return Of The WWKF - Press Confrence   Tue Jun 24, 2008 6:37 pm

Rattlesnake - This Superstar has made a name for himself in the WWKF for being a hooligan and a no good punk, as mean as that may sound this guy probobly takes it as a complement so without further a due a give you Mr.3LK Lance Kent!

The Crowd begins to boo loudley remembering Lance Kent, Rattlesnake, Latin, and Cindy Banks stand up preparing to shake Lances hands but he just waslks right passed them and straight to the alter as the crowd boos louder.

""Ok Imma tell y'all this right now.. this is some straight up bullshit, the whole Return of the WWKF thing goin on.. nah its the real deal, the WWKF is returning y'all, but you see the bullshit thing going on is I should be handed the WWKF Main Event title straight up right now, cuz not only am I the most good lookin superstar around and not only do I make wrestling look goood, but Everytime you people see me, sound be in Pay Per Fuc**censored**in view, the reason because people should be Paying to see Mr.3LK, I am the best, I am the King, I am the pimp, and I am WWKF'S V.I.P Superstar, so y'all want to see WWKF, You take the friggen 3 W's and put 3LK, and we turn this to 3LKF, The 3lk Federation, cuz in a bout a week, when you turnin your channel onto Slim Survivals, and y'all see your favorite superstars knocked out cold, and Lance Kent in the middle of dis ring with his hands raised, say to yourself "Rest In Peace" Lance Kent the notorious one!. As for you fans, catch ya on the flip side, fu*censored*ers

Rattlesnake introduces the next superstar/diva as Lance Kent takes a seat.

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PostSubject: Re: Tuesday June 4th - Return Of The WWKF - Press Confrence   Tue Jun 24, 2008 7:47 pm

Rattlesnake - This Superstar has killed over 36 superstars, and he is a WWKF Orginal, .. Killer!

Killers Music "Voices" Plays as Killer walks down the asile shaking Rattlesnake, Cindy and Lances hand, he skips DXLatin and begins to stare down at him for awhile, he then smiles and heads to the alter and grabs the mic. as the crowd boos

Killer : Now Now.. I didn't come to this press confrence to talk about the Return of the WWKF.. I didn't come here to put a smile on your danm faces, and I didn't come here to hang out with fans... I came here to address all of you. To warn all of you. With that being said.. Last time you all saw me in the WWKF I was on the verge of finishing my job. You see back in 2006 I killed the history and legend of the Groove Street Family, a year later the Groove Street got back together and was known as the Groove Street "Bros", Max Death and Metal Head. I was on the verge of finishing what I started which was killing the legend of the Masked Crusador and the 7ft Monster. That didn't happen due to the shutdown of the WWKF. Now.. Im not surprised that Max Death and Metal Head arn't here, nor associated with the WWKF, word must've gone that I was in the WWKF again and Metal head probobly crapped out 4ft loads and Max Death on his knees cleaning up after him.

Crowd Boos and begins to chant "Sit Down"

Killer : So now let me give you this warning and this warning only, Warn your friends, Warn everyone. Make a chain lette out of this warning on Youtube, Facebook, MySpace or any other site. Tell everyone you know. The Predetor is back, Killer is back, WWKF is back, and Killer has got some unfinished buisness, back in 2005 I was the Face of this danm buisness, I was the World Heavyweight Champion for a long freakin time until Bad Blood came, and ever since all I've been winning was Tag Team Gold, well now that Im back, Im looking for that World Gold. So next week get ready, your gonna see some blood, your gonna hear some broken bones, and your gonna see people sent to the hospital... or even the Graveyard.

Crowd Boos as Killer smiles and tuants the crowd, he takes a seat, as Rattlesnake goes to the alter


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PostSubject: Re: Tuesday June 4th - Return Of The WWKF - Press Confrence   

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Tuesday June 4th - Return Of The WWKF - Press Confrence
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