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WWKF is an E Fed based on brutaility, it is a caw e fed and we have good gfx, great amount of members, good results..and we are known for our amazing storylines so signup now!
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 Dont wanna do the time.. dont to your prime

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PostSubject: Dont wanna do the time.. dont to your prime   Sat Jun 28, 2008 9:39 pm

----------------Scene Opens--------------------

The Scene opens outside of a local bar, you could see Sgt.Law what appears to be, writing a ticket on a truck that seems to be parked at a non parking spot. He places the ticket onto the windshield and turns around to stare at the camera, then leans on the truck.

So the return of the WWKF is upon us? The return of superstars is upon us?, and the comming of new faces is upon us?. I say dont get your hopes up, there are alot of criminals out there that just come to wrestling companies to let there anger out. People like... people like Killer. You see folks, on July 5th, I am going to be facing one of WWKF's Orginals, he is a former World Heavyweight Champion, Tag Team and Tough Enough Champion. I just dont get it. If this guy wants to wrestle he should be doing it in jail where he belongs, he has killed over 36 superstars, he shoud be Wrestlings Most Wanted!, since when, has the good ole sport of wrestling been so violent as murdering superstars?. Killer you've gone past the line and past your prime, but now you are claiming to be going back to your prime?... I dont think so buddy, we all know that your prime has killed superstars and shed tears on the fans eyes, and we all very well know that you going to your prime means danger in the Kingdom of the WWKF.. well I got news for you Hitler, If you dont wanna do the time... dont go to your prime.

Crowd Cheers as Sgt.Law Flexes

You see Killer, you got your little stable, the Killing Spree. You've got WWE's Mr.Kennedy in there.. wait wasn't the WWE Fake?.. no wonder Kennedy is doing so crap at a real sport which is the WWKF... wait, but I just looked over at WWKF.Com and it seems that your cousin Prince Harming is alligable to come to the WWKF for a contract and he may join the Killing Spree?, this is like a gang.. a group of kids roaming the WWKF, looking for some trouble, and wanting blood on their hands, well lemme tell you somthing, the only thing your getting on your hands is some handcuffs! I ain't letting you crawl out of this match with a slap on the wrist Killer!, oh no no no, I cant do that. Killer next saturday marks the day you go back to your prime.. well according to you that is.. , well I have somthing to say to you, If you think your gonna kill me next saturday then your not only a criminal but one dumb little hooligan, you cannot kill the Law, and you cannot kill Authority.. Killer, you cannot kill Sgt.Law.

Crowd Cheers as Sgt.Laws face goes all sirious and Sgt.Law takes off his dark sunglasses.

Killer.. Next Saturday does not mark the return of your prime, it marks the return of the WWKF, and if you cannot respect that, then I cannot respect you, I respect you for your fair title wins and your fair matches, but what I cannot respect is your little Killing act going on. Killer next saturday your ass is mine, I am going to beat you with respect, I am going to beat you with your own prime, and I am going to beat you with an inch of your life. If you see your career flash before your eyes that doesn't mean your dying Killer... that just means your Behind Bars.

-----------Scene Fades-----------
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Dont wanna do the time.. dont to your prime
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