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 You Dirty Mexican..

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Lance Kent


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PostSubject: You Dirty Mexican..   Sun Jun 29, 2008 2:25 pm

The scene opens in the streets of Brooklyn New York, You can see Lance Kent behind a watch stand, hes illegally selling fake watches to tourists in New York. He notices the camera man with an interviewer and almost freaks thinking they were the cops until he saw the WWKF Logo on the camera mans shirt.

Lance Kent- You fool, you stupid?, hell you doin jumpin at me like dat??.

Interviewer - Well you see Lance Kent, we're here to interview you for your upcomming match this saturday against a WWKF Hall Of Famer : DXLatin.

Lance Kent - DXLatin.. , hell name is dat?, sound like some username on sum chatroom. An the dudes on the hall of fame?, hell is this?.. .ah wait, hold up, hold up. I think I know him, I remember watchin the dude on tv, the dude wouldn't stop makin corny jokes, and rap lines that didn't even rhyme, I mean, Sesame Street had better rhymes then dis mexican.

Interviewer - Auctually hes not mexican, he was born in canada and -

Lance Kent - If the dude was born in Canada, then why the hell is he named dxLATIN.. , I mean shoudn't his name be DXCanadian?, or DXRedneck?.. like what da hell?, I never knew crackheads were in da hall of fame.

Interviewer - Well anyways Lance, your match is for the #1 contendership for the Main Event title, and your match is in the Main Event, your comments?

Lance Kent - Well first off, Im #1... , Im the Main Event, and Ima straight up contender, so not only do I deserve to win dis match but I deserve the Main Event title homie. Y'all see, Mr.Latin better relize dat Lance Kent is the face of WWKF, Lance Kent is da notorious one, and y'all can rest in peace. Cuz I wont rest until Ima got some gold around my waist, around my wrists, and around my neck. Cuz you see, while Im out here selling watches, dis dirty mexican best be training hard for this saturday, cuz he better be prepared, cuz not only am I betta lookin than him but Im also plain better. Cuz back in da day I know this guy use to call himself ""The Meaning Of Thuganomics"", well you see what makes you so gangster?, oh my brother, dont answer dat, you'd prolly say your the meaning of thuganomics just cuz you watched 8 Mile.

The camera man shakes the camera abit because hes trying his best not to luagh at what Lance Kent said. Lance Kent turns around and sells another watch to an old man and rips him off with the money.

Lance Kent - Well Fool, did ya come ova here to ask me some questions and make 10 lousey bucks, or are you gonna buy one of the rarest watches in town.

Interviwer - Well..

Before the Interviewer ccould talk again Lance Kent slaps the Interviewer across the face and luaghs at the Interviewers expression, and hands him a watch.

Lance Kent - There.. a free watch, give it to DXLatin, tell him come this saturday, its gonna be time for the 3LK.

Scene Fades as Lance Kent chuckles watchin the interviewer and the camera man leave.
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You Dirty Mexican..
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