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WWKF is an E Fed based on brutaility, it is a caw e fed and we have good gfx, great amount of members, good results..and we are known for our amazing storylines so signup now!
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 To Prove Another Point.....

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PostSubject: To Prove Another Point.....   Sun Jun 29, 2008 4:54 pm

*********SCENE OPENS*********

Jake - Well, this is something I been wondering this entire time, why does WWKF keep on shutting down and coming back? Is 'Ruins' back? But hey, its WWKF. King of kings. Now lets introduce you a challenger for the WWKF Tough Enough Championship, BBK.

N.O.R.E begins to play and BBK apperes at the stage. Fans booing and cheering as he comes down the ramp.

Mike - What history for this man. Despite his bad times in WWKF and all then shut downs, BBK has always found ways to get WWKF the top wrestling company to the top. As he was a young man back in 2007, and returning from the PWF/WWKF battle, he has outlasted many big names in the Royal Rumble at the return of SS. He manage to take out WWKF Legend KODX in that match to have a chance at the WWKF World title, and he won it weeks later. If this guy can add more World titles to his name, he will be scary.

BBK enters the ring and grabs a mic from the ring.

BBK - Ahh....another long vacation....WWKF shut down again? Well, at least I'm still earning y'know. Anyway, I get another chance to get me some gold, the title I lost long ago in what...11 seconds? Personally, I felt like a ton of sh** after that match. Still, I had that title for a bit, fough hard for it and took care of it. Now, Jericho is my opponet? Yea. Now, Jericho shouldn't be here. I think last time 'Snake told him to be assistant mangr or something then Jericho betrayed WWKF and screwed it up. And 'Snake gace him another chance? If it wasn't for that, I'd be already at the title match! And he also let him have his own show on WWKF?!?! Now that, is crazy. I don't remember the last time Jericho has touched gold on leather before, and he must be hungrier than me for that title.

Jake - He actually gives out good points about Jericho. And its true that he, Jericho, hasn't felt ANY 'gold' here in WWKF.

Fans cheering and a fan shows up a sign to the camera that says "What kind of nickname is Y2J?"

BBK - Now uh......................Ok I don't think there is anything else to talk aobut this guy.....guy has a show, he had no belt, no balls, no nothing and he betrayed WWKF.....y'know, I'ma hit the gym now, get ready for this fight.

BBK drops the mic and heads for backstage. Fans start chanting "Y2J = NO BALLS!!!!"

BBK is backstage and is caught by an interviewer.

Interviewer - Hello BBK. I just have one important question.

BBK - Yea sure, take a shot at it.

Interviewer - Anyway, how is it like to go out there and to make the crowd chant "Y2J has no balls"? I mean Y2J is an important figure in WWKF now ever since he got the show, ratings are gonig up and y'know, he is a fan favourite and (snaps) make the crows to instantly to say "Y2J has no balls"?

BBK - Ok, now your saying that HE is an important figure in WWKF? Hell, as I said, he does have a show, no belts and thats it! You call that important? Does those meet the requirement of 'Important Figure'? K, I'm outta here.

BBK walks away from the interviewer and goes inside the training room.

*********SCENE FADES*********
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To Prove Another Point.....
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