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WWKF is an E Fed based on brutaility, it is a caw e fed and we have good gfx, great amount of members, good results..and we are known for our amazing storylines so signup now!
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 Just to make 1 thing very clear

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PostSubject: Just to make 1 thing very clear   Mon Jun 30, 2008 1:49 pm

Scene Opens

The sene opens at a packed WWKF Houseshow. You could see WWKF Legend DXLatin in the middle of the ring with a mic. in his hands and the crowd are cheering loudley, as the cool down he places the mic to his lips.

Well its been a long ride to the return of the WWKF. Some Superstars still standing tall, and some superstars struggling to stand at all. Its speeches like this that make superstars want to do better, that make superstars relize how talented they really are... but you see I come out here with a message. That message being, until you take me on, you cannot say you took on the best. You see there is a certain superstar in the locker room that claims to be the best, hes so full of himself.. Killer has nothing on him. You see hes undefeated here in the WWKF, and just because of that, he thinks hes so good, he thinks he can take anyone on, anywhere. Im talking about self proclaimed "Straight Up Gangster" Lance Kent.

Crowd Boos as they hear Lance Kents name

See earlier he did a little promo on me. He made fun of my name, he said it belonged as a username in a chatroom. Well you see Lance, your name 'Lane Kent", deserves to be burned up and forgotten cuz I feel sorry for people with the name Lance.. or with Kent. They should be emberassed, and ashamed that their named after a former convict, a former drug addict and a racisis, untalented wrestler. You see your only undefeated because your so use to fist fighting in the street that you bring that into a wrestling ring!, hell you dont even wrestle, and I have you know this saturday your going ""straight up"" with one of the Greatest wrestlers of all time, your in the main event, but after this saturday Im brining you down to the low cards, so you sy its 3lk time?, I say its time for the biggest return of history of returns, its time for the WWKF to return and its time to give the fans a show, so you could be selfish and say its "3lk" time but the only letters your gonna get this saturday is DXFX and some 5150!

Crwod Chants "Latin"

You see Lance if you thought breaking out of jail was hard.. try breaking out of the DXFX...

DXLatin chuckles as the crowd cheers

Scene Fades
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Just to make 1 thing very clear
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